Your Part in the Home Sale Process

Home Sale Process

The two most important jobs of the seller during the marketing period are to keep the home clean and to be as accommodating as possible to buyer's agents who request a showing. Sounds pretty easy, right? Not if you have a full-time job, a family and you like to enjoy at least a modicum of leisure time.

Although you may find it inconvenient to show the home during the time you usually eat dinner, this may be the most convenient time for buyers. Showings don't take that long, so try to accommodate all requests from buyer's agents. You never know which buyers are the ones who will fall head-over-heels for your home.

It's also a good idea to leave the home during the showing. This allows the potential buyer to relax and take his or her time to view the home. With you hanging around he or she won’t be as likely to open closets and cupboards to get an idea of their roominess. The buyer won’t be able to voice opinions to his or her agent. The presence of the homeowner during a showing is distracting and that is the last thing you want from a prospective buyer.

Never leave sensitive financial information where a potential buyer can see it. This includes in drawers or on kitchen counters. Identity theft is a very real danger when strangers are traipsing through your home. If you store such data on your computer, remove it from the home. At the very least, unplug it and cover it, making it more time consuming for a thief to access it.

Finally, be mindful of your valuables during the period the home is on the market. Lock them up or remove them to a safe deposit box. Although most folks are honest, there's always an exception and leaving valuables lying around may just be too tempting for that person.

This is especially true for prescription medications, weapons and that spare key you keep in the kitchen drawer. Remove them from the home or lock them securely away.

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